1. says

    Thanks for the link.

    Does everyone know where PZ Myers is planning to be tomorrow evening? Paul, you better not post it or there will not be enough beer and wine to go around…

  2. Kyra says

    Tantalizing. Yep, that’s the word for it.

    (I love “tantalizing.” It’s such a pretty word, and sorta sounds like “tentacles.”)

    (Speaking of which: Greg Laden, next time try threatening him with a basement full of squid, with the occasional octopus thrown in for good measure. Actually, more than the occasional octopus; I only worded it that way for lack of any idea how to spell the plural of octopus.)

    (Don’t forget the water.)

  3. says

    A basement full of snakes isn’t much of a threat to the avergae australian as we don’t have basements in our houses. Snakes in the cutlery drawer are another matter, but easily solved with a lump of wood and a willing forearm.

  4. says

    Kyra … That’s very funny. I think it ends in an i (One octupus has two eyes, more than one octupus has only one i … that’s a good one if you have any fifth graders aroud the house).

    The tantalizing bit: PZ is scheduled to be one of the panelists at an event in Minneapolis tonight. He is probably too humble to blog it himself, but it is a public event …