Carnivalia, and an open thread

A few recent carnivals to keep you busy:

The Tangled Bank

The next Tangled Bank will be at Lab Cat on Wednesday. Send links to me or

I’m still collecting submissions for the Circus of the Spineless at the end of February— send me links to your invertebrate-centric articles.


  1. MikeG says

    To anyone in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area: Free screening of Flock of Dodos!
    Hosted at my very own University of South Florida, St. Petersburg!
    Tuesday, Feb 13, 7 pm at the campus activities center.
    for more information, click here

    I’ll be across the street at the tavern before the show, look for the guy with the red carnation pale blue t-shirt with the ape -> man ring graphic.


  2. ivy privy says

    I attended a Darwin birthday party last night at a local natural history museum and won a door prize: a Charles Darwin bobblehead figurine! Eat your hearts out.

  3. says

    Joel Achenbach:

    The new rule is: Everyone can be a hero, and if you’re just sitting on the curb, clapping, you might as well be a paramecium. An intestinal parasite. A virus buried in a bacterium. If you have a shred of self-respect, you must be a star, a beacon of glory, a supernova shining from the cosmic firmament, particularly during the November and May sweeps.

    America has become a land where modesty is considered slightly pathological, and potentially curable with medication.