I survived an SICB media panel

Yes, I did, although it was tough going. Grrl Scientist was more personable than I was, and Lynch was always sniping at me cruelly. I had to be the cranky old guy up there. Oh, well…we did get lots of questions, and it went smoothly enough; Diane Kelly, the moderator, had the easiest job in the world since she she just had to prime the pump with a few questions, and everyone just went along with it.

Tonight—Seamus McCaffreys Irish Pub around 6. I guess some of us will meet in the lobby of the Hyatt at 6 before walking over, or you can just meet us there at 18 W Monroe. Just look for the trio of science nerds…oh, wait. That description isn’t very unique here, is it? How about the guys who forget to remove their nametags when they leave the hotel…nah, no good…the people with laptops…crap. Sorry, we just blend in.


  1. J-Dog says

    Yes, I will take 3 pints of Guiness please…Oh well, I would buy them for you 3 if I were there.

  2. llewelly says

    Why can’t the interested just look for three people with the name tags ‘Lynch’, ‘Hedwig’, and ‘Squid’?