Friday Filtered Random 16, Commercialized Version

So this is a sorta random music list, but not quite. The new version of iTunes has this “iMix” feature where it will generate a web-based collection from any playlist, so I selected the first 10 from my randomized library, threw it into a new playlist, selected iMix, and…discovered it only builds a list from music it can find in the iTunes collection. Only 3 made it. So then I threw the next ten in—seven or so made the cut. A dozen more…suddenly it spits up 16. Bleh, I wasn’t going to fuss with it to get exactly ten.

So here it is, the subset of a random subset of my iTunes library that Apple thought they could make a few bucks off of. In theory, if you click on that link, it’s supposed to take you to your copy of iTunes with all these tracks listed, ready for you to play a preview or buy them from Apple.

This Devil’s Workday Modest Mouse
Wasteland of the Free Iris DeMent
Heart Shaped Box Nirvana
Come As You Are Nirvana
Fidelity Regina Spektor
Mylardatter Sorten Muld
Glory Bound Train #1 Roy Zimmerman
White & Nerdy (Parody of "Ridin’" By Chamillionaire featuring Krayzie Bone) "Weird Al" Yankovic
I’m Not Worried at All Moby
Suddenly I See KT Tunstall
Hot Hot Hot!!! The Cure
Captain Badass Songs: Ohia
Coming in from the Cold The Delgados
Blade of Grass Asylum Street Spankers
Guitar Flute & String Moby
Little Bird Annie Lennox

I don’t know that I’ll do this again. It also comes back with an html-formatted email that I could have just pasted in, but it was ugly code, so I had to strip out some of the gunk just to make it presentable. I don’t think it was really worth it.


  1. says

    I don’t know about all that technogeek jibber-jabber. Here’s 10 from the Dell DJ, now out of production:

    1. Thirteen by Big Star // 2. Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO // 3. Brothers Gonna Work it Out by Public Enemy // 4. Goin’ Back to Georgia by Arthur Crudup // 5. I’ll Be Around by The Spinners // 6. Synchronicity II by The Police // 7. Ohm Sweet Ohm by Kraftwerk // 8. There’s No Other Way by Blur // 9. No One Can Do Me Like Jesus (yes, that’s the title) by the Reverend Gary Davis // 10. Goodbye-Goodbye by Oingo Boingo

  2. HP says

    I think as far as iTunes music store is concerned, I’m a statistical outlier that can safely be ignored. Here’s 10 at random from my iPod as I work:

    Favela (Sergio Mendes and Tom Jobim).
    Black Flower (Piero Piccioni, Colpo Revente Soundtrack).
    Cavalo Marinho/Welcome to My World (Mario Telles).
    Jere Sanford’s Yodeling and Whistling Specialty (Edison Amberol cylinder recording).
    Voce ja fo a Bahia (Astrud Gilberto).
    Once Upon a Time in the West – Epilogue (Ennio Morricone).
    The Sound of Bones (Gershon Kingsley – Halloween novelty record).
    L’Isola Incantanta (Piero Piccioni, Bora Bora soundtrack).
    You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To (Charlie Byrd).
    Harlem Hot Shot in a Hurry (Enoch Light – Private Life of a Private Eye).

    Surprisingly heavy on the Brazilian and Italian music for a random set. That vaudeville record kinda comes out of nowhere in this mix.

  3. says

    Here are 10 from me, produced by my iTunes “party shuffle” mode. (Yes, I’m a day late.) (Forgive the typoes, I’m transcribing, not copying-and-pasting because the formatting for that is screwy.)

    China Tori Amos
    Star Trek First Contact Titles Jerry Goldsmith
    Rendez-vous 98 Jean Michel Jarre
    Conquest Of Paradise Titles Vangelis
    Clair de Lune Debussy
    Cannon in D Minor Pachebel
    Main Title Babylon 5 2nd Season Christopher Franke
    Silent All These Years Tori Amos
    It Must Have Been Love Roxette
    Eine kleine Nachtmusik Mozart

    (Can one tell I like some TV and movie themes? :))