Just in case my wife happens to check out the internets this afternoon, I’m sure she’ll be interested in seeing the state of her yard.


The plumbing crew came out this morning to repair our broken water main, and apparently to also plant a dead pagan king in a nice barrow outside our bathroom window, and imprint the rest of the lawn with interesting trackways. Oh, well, at least we now have fully restored water pressure.

I must also thank the kind reader who sent us the disaster preparedness and cleanup manuals. They’ll come in handy—as you might guess, there’s now a musty odor rising from our basement, and I don’t think it’s from the moldering dead king. His generosity was only exceeded by Governor Kathleen Blanco, who’s flying up from New Orleans to give us some advice tonight.


  1. itwasntme says

    No, no, no! Go with it, man. Knock out that window and put in a french door. The area below is ready for pavers! The King’s barrow has now become a “berm” for planting something tall, for privacy! Don’t you watch HGTV?

  2. fredy fredster says

    Baton Rouge, not New Orleans, I would think.

    By the way, with about half the customers, New Orleans is pumping much more water than before, losing $250,000 a day to leaks. [Ground settling from the flooding wreaked havoc on city water pipes.] Not to mention the effect of low water pressure on fighting fires.

  3. says

    …and apparently to also plant a dead pagan king in a nice barrow outside our bathroom window…

    Yowza. Has Tom Bombadil showed up to rescue you, yet?

  4. James says

    >…a dead pagan king in a nice barrow…

    You are now in Middle-Earth.

    Please break for Hobbits.

  5. monstruoso says

    I would advise that you be alert for psychic manifestations, but can your life really get any stranger than it is already?

    I mean… c’mon… CEPHALOPODS?