1. quork says

    Open threads are nice, but once or twice a week ought to be enough.

    I’ll bet you’ve never been to Rock City. It’s just outside Minneapolis.

  2. j says

    I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Mac/Apple all my life. Right now is a hating stage. I am VERY, VERY FRUSTRATED.

    That’s all.

  3. says

    I think three is the limit for open thread posts? I’ve been censored already 3 times on this blog which is why I haven’t responded to some half a dozen questions directed to me personally. Oh well. Science is Fascism.

  4. Zohn Smith says

    Looks like the Kansas preliminary results are in…but the PT site is crawling and deathly slow. Anybody here have an update?

  5. George says

    Anyone feel like going over to Brad Blog and saying there was no neocon conspiracy on 9/11?

    There’s a raucous crowd of conspiracy theorists hanging out over there, talking about a recent show on C-SPAN.

    I added my two cents and they jumped all over me. It’s kinda fun. It’s like being Jason.

  6. thwaite says

    Those are awesome links, in any case. — indeed.

    For something entirely different: it seems the business magazine Forbes and its readers have discovered evolution – no longer thrall to George Gilder-like technogurus.
    In the current issue:
    * there’s a 1-page essay by Stephen Pinker on how Hollywood’s cutesy animal movies are missing great opportunities to popularize evolution
    * a letter from a reader berates Forbes for claiming the disease-resistant bacteria in hospitals result from mutations – it’s natural selection, the letter clearly explains, though referring to it as “supernatural selection” – mischievious phrase!

    Online for two weeks at with links there to Letters (“Readers Say”) and Pinker (“On My Mind”).
    (Free registration required. And for those of liberal sensibilities, it’s still often prudent to read Forbes from back to front – the opening editorials are antediluvian, like most in the WSJ)

  7. quork says

    It’s kinda fun. It’s like being Jason.

    So you were jabbering incoherently? Did you accuse them of “painting with a broad brush”?