1. Steve LaBonne says

    Umm, don’t get too excited- I’m pretty sure that’s intended to represent a cnidarian, not a cephalopod. A cnidarian with some pretty nasty nematocysts, at that.

  2. magista says

    Yes it’s true. I thought of you the moment I saw this posted on BoingBoing.

  3. Jethro Gulner says

    Hmm. Cnidaria, Cephalopoda, Danio. I guess the taxon “Animals that PZ Myers likes” is not a clade.

    Though in my non-expert opinion, you can have valid taxa that are not clades.

  4. says

    Do you know of Glaucus sea slugs eat sea wasps? I’ve heard of people dying in ankle-high water after accidently stepping on one, in that, Glaucus was suspected because the victims had a localized sting, primarily on the foot, as opposed to sting marks all over the legs or arms.

  5. Unstable Isotope says

    Just because you love cephalopods, that doesn’t mean they love you.