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I’m here in sunny Las Vegas, hanging out in the lobby with the free wireless and watching all the funny blogger nerds with the orange badges walking by. Heh. Oh, hang on…I’m wearing an orange badge and blogging in a corner. Yeah, I’m such a nerd.

I don’t know how much time I’ll have for actually posting things here this weekend, but I’ve queued up a series of reruns to appear automagically at various times, so the site won’t be totally drying up. Half the liberal blogosphere seems to be here, so I’ve got to do something to keep a void from appearing.


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    I’m here in sunny Las Vegas, hanging out in the lobby with the free wireless and watching all the funny blogger nerds with the orange badges walking by.

    So I’m the only idiot who paid for in-room wireless Internet?

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    Enjoy the hate-fest, PZ. Remember, if anyone mentions any American contractors being killed in Iraq, call the contractors “merceneries [sic]” and celebrate their deaths with two simple words: “Screw them.”

    Fallujah Comments

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    That’s amusing. I should note that the TTLB ranking that he points to as evidence that the right rules the blogosphere is compiled by a rightie using some completely mysterious algorithm, and that it isn’t the sole arbiter of what constitutes an influential site. The rightwingers he cites mostly run blogs with no comments, and they don’t have the kind of community the Daily Kos has.

    It’s especially funny that he blinks cluelessly at the fact that this mysterious thing called “science blogs” in in his top 10 list.

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    Another funny thing — he brags about his position in the TTLB ranking, which he says tracks about 56000 blogs. Notice anything wrong with that? Technorati is “Currently tracking 43.8 million sites and 2.5 billion links.”

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    I just looked at that algorithm. I may blof more about this later, but in a nutshell, Gribbit’s source, Truth Laid Bear (TLB), computes its rankings in a way that ensured that they’re not even close to an accurate reflection of reality. For one thing, if a blog doesn’t have a Sitemeter.com hit counter, it’s out of luck when it comes to rankings. Not only that, TLB scores blogs based on the number of incoming links — and only links from blogs registered from TLB count. Any moron, regardless of how widely read his blog is, can stock his blogroll with links to sites he knows are also registered with TLB. There are other sources of bias, but in summary the whole scheme is obviously set up so that semiliterate right-wingers whose main mission in life is to improve a noncontributory ranking score can take advantage of these various limiting conditions in order to make themselves feel important.

    And yes, it is quite funny that Gribbit, whom Ed Darrell has shredded a number of times in his various dismantlings of StopTheACLU.com drivel, hasn’t heard of this domain. Then again, he hasn’t heard of science itself either, so give ‘im a break.

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    I don’t know about the content of this post but I was just surfing around and clicked on this ‘Jason’ fellows blog link from above and quite honestly have never seen a more poorly argued, less intelligent blog in my time on the internet.

    It’s no wonder A: republicans can push the ignorant around reading his ‘arguments’

    B:it’s no wonder they are also losing ground in the polls if this is the level of argumentation to which ‘conservative’ people adhere. I mean really, really pathetic.

    I only post this here because while becoming less intelligent by reading his ‘blog’ I noticed he ahd a link to PZ Myers exposed that of course didn’t work.

    Don’t worry PZ, you have nothing to fear from this lightweight. Actually thats giving the arguments he made to much credit intellectually.