1. lt.kizhe says

    ScienceBlogs is recruiting 17th century English clerics? Alright, he did found the Royal Society, and dabbled in cryptography and astronomy; that must be the angle they’re after. (Hmm…not to mention his extraordinary longevity….)

  2. Barry says

    My first reaction is that he’s pulling out the ‘Blank Slate’ strawman. Is he a Bell Curvist? I’d have asked, but I coulnd’t post – I kept getting kicked back.

  3. says

    Can I join seed science bloggers? My blog is very scientific. It has talking flatworms and describes how Richard Darkins appears in my dreams and everything. Or does a blog have to be more than 3% science and less than 97% bad jokes to qualify?

  4. John Wilkins says

    Am I a blank slatist? Not on your nelly. I’m a palimpsist.

    My comments are now enabled. There was a temporary problem between keyboard and user.

    I only used to be a 17th century cleric, and I’m very angry with Borges for his total misunderstanding of my Real Character. I know that magical realism has no real boundaries, but really…

    I have to put science on my blog? That wasn’t in the contract…