1. chezjake says

    I’m not sure that Sean has it right. I suspect that you could also find a direct correlation between global warming and the rise of both conservative wingnuttery and right-wing fundamentalist Christianity.

  2. says

    I thought it was greenhouse gas emissions from eating Mexican food. Another hypothesis falsified by empirical research.

  3. Dylan Llyr says

    I think he’s on to something. Could be a result of all those burnt bras.

  4. dAVE says

    Actually, a guy on Last Comic Standing had a bit about high gas prices and women. You see, women don’t have sex with guys who ride the bus, nor do they have sex with guys who drive fuel-efficient cars. If you want to do something about high gas prices (and greenhouse gas emissions) then start having sex with guys who ride the bus.

  5. CCC says

    Gapminder is a useless tool for this since it doesn’t allow you to graph the global distribution of pirates.

  6. cathy in seattle says

    I guess the jig is up!

    I humbly apologize for causing Global Warming.

    I fix it in a jiffy, just after I finish being the cause for Terrorism.

  7. Dianne says

    No, no, no. It isn’t feminism that causes global warming, it’s anti-feminist backlash. Once men get started on how mistreated they are by those mean feminists they produce a LOT of CO2.