1. says

    “The University of Minnesota, Morris is deeply rooted in the tall prairie grass and connected to the blue prairie sky.” Translation: “We are in the middle of fucking nowhere and you will freeze your ass off if the one gas-powered generator goes out.” Go finger a squid for Darwin, old-timer!

  2. says

    Oh, yeah? And you’re in Texass. Texans don’t have the privilege of knocking any other place in the universe, you know, it’s a rule—the bunghole of the country has to acknowledge their sorry fate.

  3. Joker Cross says

    Having been a denizen of both Texas (where I am currently) and Minnesota, I’m going to have to go with PZ on this one. This place truly is America’s anus.

    And I grew up in Texas, mind you.

  4. says

    I’ll thank you to exclude the great city of Austin from your Texas-hatred. Not everyone down here in the Lone Star State is a benighted hick. Most, sure, but not all.