I am not here

Hurtling1 down the road in my black Chevy2, I laugh maniacally3. “Time to kick creationist butt4,” I say, “and test the mettle of the Cheeseheads.5

I’m heading off to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point to minister to the heathen today, so my online presence may be limited. I’ve got a lecture to give in their Evolution Sunday series. Here’s a copy of the PowerPoint file6, just so I have an online backup.

I’m racing right back early Monday morning, though. I’ve got a hellish week or two of grading and exams and classes and more travel, and I’ve got to get an early start on it all.

1Never exceeding the speed limit, though—the highway out of Morris is a notorious speed trap.

2With a few dents and dangling bits of scrap. Yeah, Connlann, thanks for dinging up the EvolutionMobile every time you come home.

3Or titter gratingly…it’s a matter of perspective.

4In front of a friendly crowd of godless freethinkers.

5They aren’t going to be mad about being called cheeseheads, are they?

6Don’t peek, Stevens Pointers! You’ll learn all the punchlines.7

7Actually, probably not. My PowerPoint files tend to be a little on the cryptic side, so you may not learn too much from it.


  1. says

    It’s amusing that you’re plugging Seed in the list of journals to read — is that part of your agreement with scienceblogs? Seriously, although Seed sounds like an interesting magazine from the ads in the sidebar, I have never seen a copy or heard of it in any connection other than scienceblogs.

  2. koszmic says

    Thanks for making available your presentation. As a science teacher, I recently recommended some links (including Pharyngula) to a student preparing a debate paper against teaching ID in science classrooms. Her paper was finished prior to this (and it was superb), but I will be sure she sees this piece.

    Again, thanks.

  3. says

    They aren’t going to be mad about being called cheeseheads, are they?

    I do not live in Stevens Point, nor am I a Wisconsin native – I just live here.

    But no, we don’t mind being called cheeseheads.

  4. Mike says

    Let’s apply reason. Kent Hovind has 700 slides. PZ Myers has 34. Clearly, Hovind’s presentation is 20.5882352941176470588235294117647 times better than Myers’. Give up evilooshunists, even our slides outnumber you!

  5. Pseudo-Buddhaodiscordo-Pastafarian says

    They aren’t going to be mad about being called cheeseheads, are they?

    Not really. Most everyone here is either a Packers fan, or has family in the cheese manufacturing and/or processing buisness.

    On that note, welcome to UWSP!