Save the Earth, help a student, party down with the nerds

It’s a busy busy day today.

  • It’s Earth Day. I’m going to spend a little time this morning with a community group helping clean up part of the town.
  • It’s a new student registration day at my university—this afternoon, I advise and help next year’s freshman figure out what courses to take.
  • Tonight is the Geek Prom! Right after registration, we have to rush to Minneapolis; I hope we make it in time for the Grand March at 7PM.

Chuck Olson of the vlog Minnesota Stories is going to be taping the Geek Prom, so you might get a chance to watch us nerds online later this week…but come on, if you read Pharyngula you qualify to attend the Geek Prom yourself, so bag that boring Saturday night sitting around watching Star Trek reruns, and head on down to the Science Museum of Minnesota.

I’m also going to be interviewed for a podcast by Michael Koppelman of LoLife on Sunday morning, before we head back to Morris.


  1. DominEditrix says


    That conjures up visions of a Goth blog, dripping in virtual blood.

    Gad, I could have used a Geek Prom in my unnatural adolescence…