I shall rival Manet’s Olympia


I seem to have become Art—I’ve been rendered by Nemo Ramjet at a fascinating site that contains much strange and alien art, and (warning!) some of a rather sexual nature. Somehow, it does seem fitting, with this nice picture of yours truly bearing a corona of larvae and in the embrace of a cephalopod.

Thanks, Nemo!


  1. says

    The thanks goes to you PZ, for your wonderful weblog. I always try to combine “art” (whatever that means) and science in my works. Your style of writing, be it when exposing creationist frauds or elaborating on some fascinating detail of biology, has managed just that in my opinion.

    PS. Notice the map of minnesota in the bg. That Humboldt squid must be something like a thousand kilometers long from the tentacle tip to the mantle! =)

  2. Torris says

    Nemo – Great job with the PZ artwork! Also I enjoyed visiting your AWESOME website.