Last call

The Koufax voting closes at midnight tonight, so this is your last chance: click through the links below and vote. Or, you can just copy and paste the list below and mail it to wampum @, with the subject “Koufax”.

(Voting is now closed.)

And really, it’s encouraged to make an informed vote for the best candidate here, so I will not be at all chagrined if you vote for some other worthy blog. If I lose, though, the orgy* is cancelled and you might as well tear up your invitation.

*And you ought to see the other attendees…va-va-va-voom.


  1. A says

    > idlemind

    What do you have against tentacle sex? If Japanese schoolgirls can learn to love it, why not you?

  2. says

    Well, I just emailed them with the recommended votes. I am woefully ignorant about this blog competition, but like any true democracy, my vote counts as much as any Ph.D-toting squid lover. :D

  3. idlemind says

    Did anyone keep tally of how many votes each blog got?

    Presumably the folks at Wampum kept track. The respective comment sections are all still available. But it’s not possible for us to see all the votes since a large number (likely a majority) are received via email. There’s never been any cause to doubt their integrity (and hard work), before or now. But if someone wanted to re-enumerate the votes in comments they could certainly do so, though apparently the Wampum folks use unpublished information (IP, email address, and likely technical browser data) to help spot and remove irregularities (which they have complained are worse this year).

    It’s all Bérubé’s fault.

  4. says

    Umm, no — that isn’t a list of the winners, but only a list of my egotistical recommendations. We’ll have to wait a while to see who actually won.