Politics is hard work

I’ve been at my local DFL convention all morning, and I think I need some caffeine to scour my brain out a little bit. I don’t think I’m temperamentally suited to politics—too much nitpicking and finagling. But I’m very glad to see we’ve got people here who are willing to do the hard work.


  1. Paul Orwin says

    Did the Ohlendorfs go? (I realize that in MN there may be many Ohlendorfs, but this isn’t actually a joke on Scandinavian names) Doug O. and Cathy (Earhart), structural biologists at UM-TC, they used to go every time when I was a grad student…Have fun!

  2. Sean says

    Quiet thread at the top, so I will hijack it.

    I have two available net connections via different providers and name service is completely kaput on both for pandasthumb, talkorigins, and antievolution.

    A short blurp fine, but his is two days now, and I am starting to get the shakes. I am actually posting on Uncommon Descent.
    I feel my mind slipping away, Dave.

    So, this problem widespread?

  3. Mnemosyne says

    Er, Sean, you are using .org and not .com for those web addresses, right? Both pandasthumb and talkorigins are .org domains — .com takes you to holding areas.

  4. Sean says

    Yep. I’ve done ISP techsupport in my dark days. I know the prereqs of asking the ‘well duh’ questions. :)

    I SSH to a BSD box on the University of Idaho network. A little whois action shows nameservice for all three is from NS.JOKER.COM Nslookup for http://www.talkorigins.org gives me while http://www.pandasthumb.org and http://www.antievolution.org both say Punch those into a browser and I get the default Apache setup page. Virtual server hosting from the same company?

    Oh, and guess what? For the first time in two days, the domain names actual resolve through my cable connection. Websites pop right up.

    Someone was having DNS issues. Strange that of all the sites I have been to in the past two days, those three were the only ones that glitched.