1. says

    “Hmm, so I guess my dogs have had the right idea all this time.”

    Remember to drink the recommended amount to stay hydrated–eight bowls a day!

  2. MJ Memphis says

    Somehow, though, I doubt that the student in question has given up drinking (iced) soft drinks at fast-food restuarants and started making ice from toilet water at home.

  3. NelC says

    Bacteria rule the Earth. Some estimates put the total biomass of bacteria as greater than the biomass of everything else. So, yeah, you’re going to find bacteria everywhere. But most of it isn’t interested in human beings, even when we’re dead, let alone walking around with active immune systems.

    So, there’s bacteria in fast food ice. The question is, how much of it is pathogenic?

  4. says

    I’d like to see that study repeated for doorknob handles and telephone recievers.

    They’d be immaculate, I’d presume – doorknob handle and telephone receiver cleaning are the oldest professions, after all.