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    Off-topic but something a biologist might find interesting:,2933,184022,00.html

    ‘Lost World’ Found in New Guinean Jungle

    JAKARTA, Indonesia — Scientists exploring an isolated jungle in one of Indonesia’s most remote provinces discovered dozens of new species of frogs, butterflies and plants, as well as mammals hunted to near extinction elsewhere, members of the expedition said Tuesday.

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    “Mike Argento, of the York Daily Record, must read Pharyngula. See his latest column”

    Well, Mike has been cited here so many times — he probably discovered Pharyngula by googling on his name — don’t you do that too?

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    BTW and OT one of your posts is now up on Wampum for the ‘Most Humorous Post’ and I think they expect you to repost it here so they can get the new URL.