1. Graham Douglas says

    Aging Brits will doubtless be reminded of the ’70s “Goodies” episode “Kitten Kong”…

  2. Patrick says

    Graham: If I recall, during the original thread that led to this week’s Phriday, a few people brought up Kitten Kong.

  3. Shannon says

    Third picture down on this page shows a cephalopod monster. Perhaps by ‘needs more squid’ you meant ‘needs more than just that one squid picture’?

  4. says

    Oh no! A giant hyacinth macaw! You know they can crack Brazil nuts at their normal size (their beaks can exert a force of 2000 psi)….oh now you’ve done it, PZ! King ‘Caw has seen the Capitol, and it looks just like a giant nut!

  5. Sylvanite says

    I gotta say, as someone who shares living space with an African grey parrot, they don’t have to be giant-sized to wreak major havok.