Some thoughts from Beau on whether it was a coup attempt

It’s been one revolution around the sun since Trump and part of the Republican Party enacted the coup attempt they’d been working on since well before the 2020 election. A lot of folks have a lot to say about it for a lot of reasons. My attention was particularly caught by this take from corrupt scumbag Lindsey Graham:

For those who are unclear, what happened on January 6, 2020 was an explicitly political event, no matter what label you apply to it. You cannot politicize something that is entirely political, anymore than you can make the ocean more wet.

That said, the question of what label we should be using for those events still seems to be a matter of discussion, and I think Beau’s response is better than anything I have to say on the topic:


  1. Bruce says

    Good video.
    Let me just add:
    Everything I know about coups, I learned from watching Mission Impossible on TV in kindergarten.
    Also, it is about 50 years since the elected President of Chile was inspired by Nixon and Kissinger to commit suicide by shooting himself multiple times with a machine gun, as one does. Or so we were told.

  2. says

    It will be interesting to see whether Chile’s new president re-does the 2011 investigation. Given the fascist love for torture, it wouldn’t shock me if Allende did commit suicide, or had a friend do it for him, rather than allowing himself to be captured.

  3. sonofrojblake says

    “shooting himself multiple times”

    Twice. Not so incredible with an automatic.

  4. says

    Coup d’États-Unis.

    Something I noted earlier today: There’s delicious irony in Georgia being the state where the attempted coup failed. Fort Benning (Georgia) is where the CIA operated the “school of the americas”, where the US government taught fascists and terrorists how to perpetrate coups and overthrow popularly and freely elected democracies.

  5. says

    On the SOA – The annual protest at Ft. Benning was where I started to get the feeling that we needed a serious change in tactics. As far as I know, the yearly protests continue, because the SOA, now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC)is still in operation. The work of people like SOA Watch, who publicized the Spanish-language torture and terrorism manual, got the name changed, and added in 8 course hours on human rights to the curriculum.

    This shit isn’t going to be stopped by the people in power, because they actively like it. I don’t think I need to convince anyone the GOP is in favor of that shit, but remember that it was Democratic senator Chris Murphy whose chief complaint about Trump’s Venezuela coup attempt was that Trump fucked it up, and foreign policy has been pretty consistent between both parties for a long time.

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