U.S. immigration policy is deliberately cruel under both major parties. This must change.

Disturbing photos and video from the U.S.-Mexico border show Haitian refugees being attacked by Border Patrol agents on horses with whips. At the same time, the Biden administration is deporting people back to Haiti, even as that country faces a massive natural disaster and political upheaval on top of the generations of brutal economic repression from colonial powers.

It’s particularly nice of that one agent to announce to the world that this is exactly what it looks like. White supremacy has always played a major role in U.S. immigration law, That has been true under Democratic rule, and under Republican rule. We should be standing in solidarity with these refugees, and welcoming them, not greeting them with whips and insults.

These atrocities will not stop until U.S. policy is based on what’s good for humanity, and not what’s good for a tiny ruling class. None of our “leaders” are willing to confront reality, and as climate change continues to displace people, these atrocities will get worse.

Our ruling class continues to make the choice depressingly clear: Socialism, or barbarism


  1. says

    If it’s horrible under both parties, then it’s not party-specific – it must be “The American Way”

    Hate us for our freedoms.

  2. klatu says

    Our ruling class continues to make the choice depressingly clear: Socialism, or barbarism

    They also make clear which side of that coin they prefer.

    The Mouth of Biden’s response in video is telling: Capitalism’s “humanitarian” response is to send asylum seekers packing, but with a vague promise of financial support in the vague future. Which is a neat trick. I didn’t know you could simply buy your out of climate change. We should all do that!

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