Apparently there are consequences after all

Boris Johnson has resigned as a MP due to the result of the investigations into the partygate scandal, which is the scandal that forced him to resign as a PM. The results of the investigations are not public, and Johnson has stepped down, rather than getting pushed out. Considering the number of lies and falsehoods he have presented over time, both as a journalist and as a politician, it is rather incredible that he ever managed to become a MP, let alone the PM.

And in similar news, as most of you probably know, Donald Trump has been hit with a 37-count indictment for his mishandling of classified documents, and his behavior relating to this:

The 49-page indictment contains the first-ever federal charges against a former US president. It says the classified documents Mr Trump stored in his boxes contained information about:

  • United States nuclear programmes
  • Defence and weapons capabilities of both the United States and foreign countries
  • Potential vulnerabilities of the United States and its allies to military attack
  • Plans for possible retaliation in response to a foreign attack

Prosecutors say that when Mr Trump left office, he took about 300 classified files to Mar-a-Lago – his oceanfront home in Palm Beach, which is also an expansive private members’ club.

The charge sheet notes that Mar-a-Lago hosted events for tens of thousands of members and guests, including in a balDonald Trumlroom where documents were found.

Prosecutors say Mr Trump tried to obstruct the FBI inquiry into the missing documents by suggesting that his lawyer “hide or destroy” them, or tell investigators he did not have them.

“Wouldn’t it be better if we just told them we don’t have anything here?” Mr. Trump said to one of his attorneys, according to the indictment.


Of course, an indictment doesn’t mean a conviction, nor does it keep Trump from running for the Presidency, but it _is_ the first step of getting him put into jail.


  1. Oggie: Mathom says

    nor does it keep Trump from running for the Presidency,

    And prison won’t even, necessarily, stop him from running. Eugene Debs, of the Social Democrat Party, ran for President of the United States in 1920 while in prison in Georgia, and won about a million votes. I so hope that Trump is convicted, sentenced, put in prison, and still gets the GOP nomination and runs from prison. Watching the LAw and oRder pArtY go nuts trying to justify supporting a criminal who endangered national security (and endangered the lives our spies) would probably break the popcorn market in the US.

  2. sonofrojblake says

    I’m actually optimistic that this might be the end of his uk political career.

    I can see him as the Republican candidate for president in 2028 though… (he’s eligible, being born in New York…)

  3. KG says

    the partygate scandal, which is the scandal that forced him to resign as a PM.

    Unsurprising that this has become a widespread belief, and it did provide the background, but the precipitating event was the Pincher affair. Johnson appointed one Chris Pincher (“Pincher by name, pincher by nature”) as Deputy Chief Whip while already knowing about complaints of sexual misconduct against him, then lied about it. This was the final straw for many Tory MPS, who realised that as long as Johnson, was PM, there would be an endless stream of lies and scandals.