Bette Midler should stay in her lane

I am generally not a great fan of people telling actors that they should stay in their lane, but occasionally they really should stay in their lane. Bette Midler demonstrates a clear example of this.

It all started with a tweet by Dr. Jen Gunter

Which caused Bette Midler to write the following

It is hard to surprise me these days, but I must admit I hadn’t considered Bette Midler attacking Dr. Jen Gunter as being alt-right as one of the missing ingredients of 2020. Bette Midler’s defense was much appreciated by Marianne Williamson

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Jen Gunter actually knew what she was talking about.

Bette Midler is probably not going to admit that she is wrong about Marianne Williamson, but hopefully this will be a lecture in humility, making her actually do a little research before tweeting, and especially before accusing someone like Dr. Jen Gunter as being alt-right.


  1. says

    Bette Midler said to Dr Jen Gunter that “you know nothing of what she stands for or speaks about” which is much broader than her Jesus claim. Williamson is a dangerous quack, who Dr Jen Gunter has addressed before (as the tweets she linked to clearly shows), so Midler is completely wrong about this.

    Midler actually doesn’t mention the Jesus thing at all.

  2. johnson catman says

    And BTW, I too met Jesus at a party, and shook his hand. Prove I didn’t.

    Midler doesn’t understand how proof works. She made a claim that she met Jesus at a party, so it is her obligation to provide proof of such an extraordinary claim.

  3. says

    Midler actually doesn’t mention the Jesus thing at all.

    The reason I found the Jesus thing to be most consequential is because that’s the ONLY specific thing Midler referenced:

    And BTW, I too met Jesus at a party, and shook his hand. Prove I didn’t.

    Although this isn’t discussing Williamson’s Jesus incident, it’s at least referencing it. Meanwhile there’s no reference to anything specific that might be refuted by “please feed my hunger and restore my right mind”.

    Again, I’m not saying that Williamson isn’t full of shit. And I’m not saying that Midler’s statement

    You didn’t read her books; you know nothing of what she stands for or speaks about.

    isn’t a broad one. But there’s only one thing Williamson said that Midler even referenced, so I find it odd that this is the comeback.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to fight you or anything. I just find this a bit wanting as a comeback. I’m sure Dr. Gunter’s writing on Williamson is worthwhile, it’s just that she’s not well represented here where the rhetorical opponent is Midler & the only specific Midler mentions goes unaddressed.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    Did that next-to-last Tweet™ quote from Gunter get pasted in where you intended another one from Williamson to go?

  5. StevoR says

    Met Jesus at a party?

    I can accept that – for certain value of people named Jesus of which there’s a few.

    Met the specific ancient Judean Jesus (or Yeshua) of New Testament fame OTOH, not-so-much.

  6. DrVanNostrand says

    Marianne Williamson: The woo peddler of choice for those who think Deepak Chopra is too sciencey.