This is the true Republican party

I guess most of my readers have followed the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. I am not going to comment on it here, as there are plenty of other people out there explaining why the hearings clearly shows that Kavanaugh is unsuitable for any judicial job.

Instead I am going to point out that it is worth observing the behavior of the Republican party. Even the so-called moderates among the Republicans are supporting Kavanaugh, even though he is clearly extremely partisan and unsuited for the role. In other words, they are putting politics over the greater good of society.

Democrats are willing to compromise when they are in power, Republicans are not.

Remember this. Remember this, and vote against the Republicans. Not just at the presidential elections, but at all elections.

We need the Democrats to gain enough seats to stop the Republicans from keep harming the country and to undo the harm they have already done. An impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh would be a good place to start (no matter the result of the hearings).


  1. A Lurker from Mexico says

    Also remember this next time democrats try to compromise with republicans (Picture the type of compromise that would satisfy these brutes, once you’ve done that consider if it’s something acceptable to inflict upon the world).

    Remember this especially in the primaries, since the election is a hostage situation and nuanced positions will be ignored at that point.

  2. says

    Neither side loves anything but power; that much is obvious. The Republicans, however, are desperate to hold on to what they’ve managed to grab, and will do anything and everything to cling to it.