There’s a new set of readers over here, and I wanted to stick a quick “wave, smile, and offer a nice hot dish” post up.

I’m Kate! I write Gruntled & Hinged. Many? Possibly most? of you seem to have come over from Slate Star Codex, but there was a recent influx of people from Unequally Yoked.

-I’ve been writing more frequently than usual, and expect to keep this up, within some constraints. Every Monday, there’s Monday Miscellany, a collection of links and suchlike. Otherwise, posts appear at around a rate of two per week.

-This blog is loosely themed around psychology, and breaks down into roughly:

  • 39% thinking about how human interaction (including therapy) works, could work better, and fails.
  • 18% Kate grumps about bad data collection/confounds/research/teaching of any of the previous. This is the Someone Wrong on the Internet part.
  • 27% stuff that relates to eating disorders and eating disorder treatment
  • The remainder: “HUNH. Look at THIS. Just look at it! Aren’t brains weeeeird?”

-Other post topics include baking (have some Nutella cookies!) atheism, and studenting.

-I belong peripherally to the rationality community, and participate in the secular-atheist-skeptosphere on a semi-regular basis.

-For five more weeks I’m an undergrad getting two degrees in psychology (applied and research-based) in Chicago. Very shortly thereafter I will be getting a Master’s in Social Work in Boston. I’ve worked previously in schizophrenia research/treatment and adoption services, and have an unfortunate amount of personal experience with eating disorders.

-There is no official comment policy, but the unofficial one is Be Nice And Cite Your Claims, Please. Commenters are on first-time moderation, but I’m quick about approval.

So! Hello! Well met! Who are you?




  1. Katie Anderson says

    I’ve been a long time follower, but OMG I didn’t know about the cookies! So excited! My wife is sending me to the store for peanut butter now.

    • Kate Donovan says

      Make sure to check out the comments there too! There are portal cookies and nutella lava cake recipes :D

    • Katie Anderson says

      Waaay ahead of you. :-) I also think I may have to experiment some time with making nutella ice cream for the sandwiches.

  2. Joe says

    Hey I found your blog via Slate Star Codex but I follow Unequally Yoked also. You seem like a great gal and I look forward to reading more about Schizophrenia(I struggle with Paranoid Personality Disorder) and your experience with the rationalist community, they all seem so fascinating. Oh and I think nutella is probably the best thing since sliced bread! Its incredible with oatmeal.

    • Kate Donovan says

      Well met! I eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday, so um, you’ll have to excuse me while I, uh…

      [*runs out to buy Nutella*]

  3. robyn slinger says

    I’m a long(ish)-time lurker as well, taking the opportunity to say hi without derailing a thread.
    So: Hello! :) Every time I read one of your post, a piece of universe starts making sense ^^

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