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Ashley has a list of female protagonists in YA literature. I especially endorse Tamora Pierce–she’s my favorite author of all time. I actually had to replace a few books I’d read to pieces.

Over at Overcoming Bias, a nice way to differentiate between what I’d describe as being smart and being intellectually curious.

I know many folks who consider themselves intellectuals. I guess they think that in part because if you asked them “What have you been up to lately?,” they’d tell you about books, articles, blogs, or twitter feeds that they’ve been reading. Or perhaps TED talks they’ve watched. This is why I prefer the question “What have you been thinking about lately?” And I’ll usually be a bit disappointed if the answer isn’t about a question they’ve been trying to answer.

Via Chana, this piece from Olivia: Support is a Two Way Street

Ok, obvious thing is obvious, but many people, particularly support people, forget this. Any relationship you’re in requires a give and take of support and being supported. This is true EVEN if the person you’re in a relationship with has a mental or physical illness and needs more support than the average bear. A lot of the time support people think that they can’t burden their friend/family member/lover with any more troubles, and so they keep all their own difficulties to themselves. They want to protect their loved one. They think it’s showing that they care: they will take care of you through anything, but they won’t ask anything in return.

Unfortunately this tactic will make both parties feel like shit.

Excessive, Obsessive, Compulsive? The Links Between OCD, OCPD and Excessive Exercise in Anorexia Nervosa

Gahhh, how did I not know that OKCupid has a blog about user data?!




  1. says

    How COULD you not know about the OKC blog data? It’s quite amusing!

    And thank you for the “support” post. In general I have a hard time sharing my problems with others for the same reasons in your quoted section. Reading that kind of stuff helps change my perspective.

  2. lynnebatik says

    I discovered Tamora Pierce’s Livejournal a few years ago, having been a nutso fan of hers ever since Alanna. And, for the record, she turned out to be a super-nice, very patient person in person, as well. :)

  3. lynnebatik says


    It’s not quite YA stuff — much more adult, really — but for authors to love I also have to recommend PC Hodgell. Start with “God Stalk.” Seriously. Do.

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