Why I am not a religious believer

When I first started atheist-blogging, on a blog prior to this one, I figured the obvious place to start would be with the story of how and why I became an atheist. So I wrote a series of posts about the story; about growing up in a non-practicing family of mixed religious heritage, about considering different religions, and about eventually becoming first an agnostic and ultimately an atheist. Looking back, there’s a rather important aspect of the story I didn’t cover; the details of why I ended up as a non-believer rather than a believer. The short answer to that, of course, is that I didn’t find any of the supposed evidence to be convincing; but it would be worth blogging about the question of why I didn’t.

I’m therefore going to write a short series of posts on the arguments I encountered while researching the question of whether or not God existed, my reaction to them, and why I ultimately found each of them unconvincing. I weighed up the evidence as well and fairly as I could, and I’ll try to do the same in recounting it (although bear in mind that I’m relating things that mostly occurred thirty or more years ago). I’ll link each of them back to this post to give me a single place to refer back to if the general question ‘So, why are you an atheist?’ ever comes up.

(Note that – as indicated by the title – this is the story of why I’m an atheist in the sense of why I’m not a believer. The story of why I’m now an atheist rather than an agnostic is a simpler and quicker one which can be found at the fourth of the above links. Which I’ll repeat here, in case you don’t want to bother counting them.)

(Quick edit – This series will cover general arguments for the existence of God. I also spent a lot of time researching the more specific issue of whether I should believe in Christianity, but, while that’s obviously a linked subject, it’s still a separate one which I hope to cover in a separate series of posts at some point in the future. Therefore, any arguments regarding the Christian faith specifically won’t be covered in this series.)

Links to posts:

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‘But your life is meaningless without God!’

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  1. cherbear says

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about this. My childhood was a bit different in that I grew up in a repressive Catholic household, and lately came to atheism.
    Its nice to hear other people’s stories.

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