Italian Demonds

I might be the first person online to note that in the Fasciculus rerum Geomanticarum that there are a dozen-ish demons listed much earlier in the book than the main list, but these descriptions are less consistent and often less interesting than the usual demon lists.  Also, they seem to be in late Renaissance Italian, possibly with a skosh of Latin mixed in.  The handwriting was great so I was able to translate most of them, but a few things I couldn’t work out…

Andaras e gran conte fa parere uno homo grande como uno castrono et ancora picolo como uno capreto ha si suo dominio 12 generatione de dimonii.  Andaras, a great count, makes a great man seem like he’s castrated, and yet small like a baby goat.  Has  in his dominion 12 generations of demons.  There’s some guesswork in that.  Any other ideas, my scholars?

Hey, it’s somebody familiar…

Apparently, I’m e re possente fa de lo di nocte et de la noote di a fn suo dominio 12 re de corona.  Satan, a mighty king, makes (what?) night of the night, has in his dominion 12 crowned kings.  Don’t know what this means, but it sounds cool.


  1. maat says

    1. … he makes a man appear as big as a castrated sheep (= over 6 months old) /gelding?/, or as little as a baby goat

    2. Satan… turns day into night, and night into day [‘di’ – from Lat. ‘dies’ = day]

    Satan was said to have power over the elements, so…

    I hope this helps a little.

  2. says

    “Andaras (Andras) is a great Count. It can make a man appear as big as a wether (or a gelding) and as little as a kidskin (kid – little goat). He has under his rule 12 generations (legions?) of demons.”

    “Satan is a powerful King and can turn day into night and night into day. He has under is rule 12 crowned Kings.”

  3. says

    You’re welcome and I have to thank you for your kind words and also for the help you’re giving me in translating that grimoire from late latin into italian.. I’m doing some serious research on various sources of goetic magic and this blog helped me a lot 🙂

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