Great Galloping Satans!

Hello FtB, I’m Great American Satan.  Two or three of you might recognize me from my time at atheismplus dotcom (dead).  I also have a tumblr, which is mostly reblogs of short insightful posts from random people and longer articles / excerpts from various people more thoughtful than myself.  Occasionally I make art.

My handle represents a bit of punchy immaturity on my part.  As I’ve said elsewhere, if you ain’t living your life in a way that would piss off an ayatollah, you ain’t living right. That said, I stand against islam only as much as I personally reject all abrahamic faiths.  Islamophobia is for cowards.  I also refuse to capitalize religions, as you may have noticed.

What you will ultimately see here:  At least one post a week of some kind.  Most will be writing, some will be art, and some will be shameless self-promotion of merchandise I’m currently developing with social justice themes.  If I ever start to make more money than poverty level + medical needs of family, I will start donating a good part of proceeds to charities that benefit various oppressed groups.  It’s hard to know what the future will bring, but this doesn’t seem too likely as of yet.

My greatest struggle in advocating the movement is anger.  It hurts my ability to write persuasively, sometimes just hurts my mind.  Once you’re clued in to the kinds of oppression that affect those you care about, the world is full of landmines.  Because I can’t always write anything of use to the cause, I will use my art skills and provide other services.

See you around!


Note on moderation:  At A+, I used to change the words of slymers and regressives into funny harmless things.  That was too much work – more than they deserve.  So here, I’m just going to set any offensive or sealioning crap to go straight to a garbage bin that I’m not even going to look at.  You’re welcome.  <3

EDIT – They’re heeee-eeere.  I just added my first crap human to my spam filter.  Congrats, you know who you are.



  1. nahuati says

    Hello, Great American Satan!

    What wonderful art work you create! I’m very glad to see you at FtB.

  2. Great American Satan says

    Thanks a lot, nahuati. I don’t know much about what’s going on yet. Are you also a new blogger, or just saying howdy?

  3. Great American Satan says

    Tremendous! It’s nice that almost everyone good and evil that has shown up so far is a familiar face. Preemptive blacklisting for (now up to 2) jerks, and a warm hello for you. 🙂

  4. Siobhan says

    Welcome to FtB, friend! I appreciate that you’ll be sharing your artistic pursuits as a form of self care. Awareness and debilitating anger are two sides of the same coin. 🙁

  5. nahuati says

    Great American Satan, I just stopped by to say howdy. I’ve been checking out the new blog rooms. There was a rumor that there was going to be a party in your room some time, so I brought lots of popcorn to share. 🙂

  6. Great American Satan says

    No parties in here, the place is a mess. But thanks for thinking of me.

  7. says

    Welcome to Freethought Blogs Great American Satan!

    I understand about the anger, as a person with Tourette’s Syndrome I’ve had to deal with intense rage my whole life. I’ve gotten pretty good about handling it to the point that it does not get in the way of being rational, logical or able to see what the person I am angry at is saying. Perhaps I may have some insights if you post on that topic. A key to it for me is making sure that I focus it on specific things (like beliefs, thoughts, actions and communications), and keep it away from specific things (like whole persons and groups of people, though you can hate the defining characteristics of groups when relevant like the xenophobic bigotry in the KKK).

  8. Great American Satan says

    That’s good advice, Brony. I feel like you meant “general things” in the second part. Would you like me to edit that for you? I’m not too busy at the moment.

  9. says

    No, I meant “specific things”. The object that I had in mind was whole persons and whole groups as specific things. But I think I get your concern, the generalization of the hate being attached to a whole group via one’s experiences of individual whole persons. In my experience it’s important to actively create specific conceptual categories that are generalities, which sounds paradoxical until you consider that there are more than two levels to conceptual hierarchies and that they feed into one another in different ways.

    [group of people]/[whole individual person]/[characteristics of individual person]
    [group of people]/[characteristics of group]/[characteristics that define group membership]

    Did that answer your concerns?

  10. Uncle Ebeneezer says

    Welcome! Great to see you get a spot here. Been a semi-regular follower (only “semi” due to my own laziness) for a while.

  11. Great American Satan says

    Think I get it now, it was more confusion about the construction of the language than the intent or ideas. No prob.

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