I Missed It! Twice!

Damn, I must be busy. I missed this year’s Cephalopod Awareness days completely!

More than that, I missed my own blogoversary! As of October 10, this version of The Digital Cuttlefish (yes, there was a private version before it) is 7 years old! Seven years! I have no idea how many separate original verses, but I would be surprised if it wasn’t close to 200 per year–and maybe one or two per month were actually pretty good.

I’m still busy, so the comments are for you to dive into the archives and locate exactly the moment I started going downhill. I’ll start by claiming “August, 2032”.

And, on a more serious note, thank you for your readership, your support, your wonderful comments, and pretty much everything an obsessive versifier could possibly want or need.


  1. zackoz says

    Congratulations on seven years, Cuttlefish.

    Enough verses now for another volume? (Your equally obsessive readership won’t leave you alone!)

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Currently, not only are there no plans for another volume, I actively plan for no more volumes–well, at least, not the usual. The second one sold so few, if I do a third it will be purely for a patreon sort of thing (whether or not actually patreon).

    Or maybe everything I think about it will change in a day or two. The models change so frequently, and I feel such devotion to those who have supported me… I dunno. See, it’s people like you who screw things up, who make me think I ought to keep aggregating, and putting out books.

    I’ll keep writing. I can’t help it. The only question is, what about collections? And (as you can see by how much this has gone on) I really don’t know.

    I dunno… it absolutely floors me that anyone at all reads my stuff, so I am clearly not someone whose opinion about these things should carry any weight at all. Maybe I am the last person to ask.

    I dunno…

  3. Kate Jones says

    Seven years of blogs since switching,
    Seven years and still you’re itching
    To versify in forms bewitching.
    Seven years of godless pitching,
    God knows, that stuff sure needs ditching.
    Keep it coming, our minds enriching.
    Never stop, or we’ll be bitching.

  4. Johnny Vector says

    When you started going downhill? Easy: “The molar equivalent of war.”

    By which I mean, how is it that you thought of that joke before I did? I blame my good teeth.

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