1. F says

    Hooray…er…awww. Well, that’s certainly much better than being back from the Vatican, which is what my word-scrambling brain gave me at first glance.

  2. says


    But the Vatican is a wonderful repository (I nearly wrote suppository) of the world’s great art.
    A monument to mankind’s creativity … and avarice … and cupidity.

    And, I suspect, totally wasted on it’s current inhabitants

    [weird, but I somehow got logged in differently and my comment went booboo]

  3. MikeMa says

    As to what happened while away, the GOP picked a bold, radical candidate for VP. Paul Ryan. He’s possibly the best pick to match Romney’s soul-free, empathy-free, I’ve-got-mine existence that was possible.

    Palin was too stupid (still is) to know that her course would hurt millions. Ryan knows it and travels that road anyway.

    So welcome home.

  4. dean says

    I learned that today’s yellowjackets are just as easily pissed off, and just as ornery when pissed off, as the ones that were around 40 years ago when I was a kid.

  5. zackoz says

    I’m suffering from gout, that’s what’s happened.

    Obviously your fault for going away (or if not, Rebecca Watson did it.)

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