Feynman On God

For [redacted], who can’t accept an answer that doesn’t contain Jesus. Who just reminded me that not all stereotypes are strawmen, and that people sometimes really do think the way we are constantly assured they do not.


  1. Crudely Wrott says

    Really. Why would anyone think that they had to know the deepest secrets of the universe?*

    We have not known them (or even how many there are, if any) for all of our history. Mostly we have made them up which makes them poorly kept secrets of people.

    Even so, look what we do know, look what we can wonder about intelligently. Look at how far we have come with the smattering of knowledge that we have gained. Look also at how that knowledge informs us when it comes to asking questions that really matter.

    I have long been grateful for Richard Feynman. As a boy he once had this said about him:

    He fixes radios by thinking at them!

    *Those who have had ersatz answers to ersatz secrets pounded into their heads since childhood excepted; it seems fair to say that they are not to blame but rather that they have been had.

  2. kantalope says

    When did tv have intelligent interesting people just talking about intelligent interesting things?

    Now it would have to be…ok we need like 12 girls with fake boobs and 12 guys…yeah yeah, 12 guys with fake pecs and tans…no shirts and they will ask feynman inane questions about….ummm dating….not geochronology you mokes…just dating. And weiner jokes….on second thought, let’s lose feynman and go with…oh who’s that playboy bunny from a few years back, she will work cheap. yeah thats some must watch television there.

  3. pipenta says

    How can you not LOVE Feynman?

    I have a friend who came out as an atheist today. I do believe I will send her a link to this.

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