Where the worthless and unwanted can be found
Where the heathens have to gather
To escape religious blather
From the people who would rather
Keep them down

Out of sight
Out of sight
Where they work to earn what should be theirs by right
Though they’re made to feel unwanted
And their growth unduly stunted
Just to keep their weapons blunted
If they fight

When a student-run, but godless, organization
Makes its case before a Christian administration
It’s an exercise in reciprocal frustration
Cos the goals—to give a decent education
And encourage kids to god’s path to salvation
Can’t be done without some special dispensation
(How the bible is a source of inspiration
But that doubt can only work in moderation)
And a godless club is too much invitation
For the Devil to begin his exploitation
Which, as science shows, [hand-waving explanation
That can justify our awkward orchestration]
So the godless club deserves its segregation
To the underground and risk of suffocation
Cos the risk and cost of open toleration
Or of wink-and-nod-“tsk! Tsk!” accommodation
If the college gives complete cooperation
Is the prospect of pure hellfire and damnation
No release, not even sweet annihilation.

So they hide
Down inside
Where their meetings and their greetings won’t be spied
They will meet, cos people need ‘em
And for academic freedom
Which the faculty, who lead ‘em
Can’t abide.

A tiny bit more, and an excellent viddy, after the jump:

The links in the first two words say it all. The University of Dayton (which I have written about recently) are choosing to deny a freethought students club, but other church-affiliated colleges and universities are allowing them. It has taken the prose-writing press a bit of time to catch up to the verse-writing cuttlefish, but the bottom line is, Dayton are being right bastards. JT is talking about it, too–keep an eye on his site to see if something specific is being done that you can help with.

Oh, yeah, the viddy. Anyone who saw “Underground” and thought of Tom Waits… is good people. If you have not yet bought the new album, do so soon. (I’ve been listening on NPR, and will purchase tomorrow, because yes, I am an old fogey who still buys CDs, shut up!) Anyway, here’s “Underground”, just so you don’t go away disappointed.

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