Because I am an atheist: OleanderTea, a really, truly gumpy bunny

Today’s contribution was submitted as a comment by OleanderTea, a really, truly grumpy bunny

Because I am an atheist…

I know I won’t get to see my deceased spouse in a magical “someplace” after I die.

I honestly believe it to be true, but it is also heartbreaking.

My belief that there is no “eternal life” reminds me to be a useful, compassionate, kind, fun, wacky, helpful, and amusing person while I am here, so that my legacy is one that people remember fondly.

(Sorry about the rain on the parade. Umbrella, anyone?)

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  1. Randomfactor says

    I look at it this way: I know I won’t be with her after death.

    But I will no longer be without her, either. The pain stops at death–Christians can’t say that: they offer a SLIM chance that both persons “make it” to the harp chorus, and a much more likely one that one or both will be consigned to eternal torture.

    Mine is more hopeful, I think.

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