Classic Crommunist: I have a perfect face for radio!

Writer’s block continues apace. Not going to lie – I’m not a big fan of it. However, since the vast majority of those reading are new to the blog, and I have a fat slab of archives that stretch back 2 years, I figure it won’t do too much damage to repost some stuff that 99% of you haven’t seen before. My apologies to those who have – I anticipate being back to normal tomorrow.

Yesterday I was privileged to join Ethan Clow, the Vancouver chapter president of CFI Vancouver (the handsome devil you saw talking to Deepak Chopra) on his radio show “Radio Freethinker” on UBC’s campus radio. This is a weekly skeptic podcast that looks at skeptic issues in the news and discusses various salient skeptic topics. I was present as a special guest, along with Jakob Liljenwall, head of the Simon Fraser University Skeptics group.

We discussed, among other things:

  • Belgian police raiding a Catholic Church;
  • Organic pesticides being worse than synthetic for the environment;
  • The G8/G20 events; and
  • Confrontation vs. Accommodation in the skeptic movement

Of course Ethan, Jakob and I have similar views on things, but we had a fairly lively discussion nonetheless. As you listen to the podcast, you’ll immediately notice two things:

  1. Some of the things I talk about have appeared (or will appear, depending on when you’re reading this) on this blog, and
  2. There is a reason I prefer writing to speaking – I backtrack a lot while trying to explain myself.

So if you’ve ever wondered if I have a sexy voice, or you’re a friend of mine and you miss my sexy voice, give “Radio Freethinker” a listen. If the subject matter interests you, check it out Tuesdays at 3:30 on CITR 101.9 FM in Vancouver.

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By the way, Radio Freethinker is still doing its thing. If you’re looking for a new skeptic podcast, this is a good ‘un.


  1. jesse says

    Cool, one of my favorite bloggers on one of my favorite podcasts! This episode predates my awareness of either, so … SWEET!

  2. mynameischeese says

    I’m new to your blog and still getting caught up on the FAQs. I suppose I’m a bit late to the party. But just thought I’d leave a comment to say Hi. So, “Hi!” There you go.

    I found this blog by following a link to your old blog. I was reading an article you wrote about objectivism then got sucked into reading more of your stuff, which I really like. I found that article because I searched for “objectivism” and “race” and your article is the first thing that came up. I had been trying to explain to someone why objectivism makes me so hot under the collar and thought I could cheat by finding a blog entry to send them to as often bloggers are better at explaining stuff than I would be. Race definitely is one of the problems that I have with objectivism. I often find myself having arguments with objectivists who are in denial about racism and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think that when people start believing that they are individuals who have made their own successes, they stop seeing themselves as members of a group and they can’t see themselves as benefiting from white privilege or other kinds of privilege. Anyway, I guess this is a long-winded suggestion that if you are stuck for topics to write about, you could return to objectivism and maybe write about the intersection of race, gender, etc more explicitly than in that last article (or maybe you have done that since and I just haven’t found the entry yet).

    Or write about whatever. I’ll read it. I do intend on stopping by this blog on a regular basis now that I’ve discovered it. So yeah, thanks for writing, nice to meet you!

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