‘Couv team… ASSEMBLE! (Dec 7th, 2011)

For all my Cromrades in the Vancouver area, tonight we are having our monthly meetup at Vancouver’s Skeptics in the Pub in Kitsilano’s Billy Bishop Legion. More details are available here. It’s always a fun time hanging with the Vancouver group, and while I can’t make it every month I am pumped to be able to make it today. Not just because it’s fun, but because I’ve heard a rumour that SkepChick’s very own Natalie Reed may be in attendance for the first time. She has threatened to hug me when we meet. I should probably warn her that I may LOOK cuddly, but in real life I am extremely… fuck it I can’t keep up the pretense – I’m a champion-level hugger.

I should warn anyone planning to attend that this is a Canadian Legion, which means no hats. You’ll have to find another way to hide your atheist devil horns.

See you tonight!

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  1. VeritasKnight says

    Well, you can wear your hat to the Legion, but then you have to buy everyone a drink.

    Not recommended for the averagely-employed among us.

  2. Natalie says

    I went to last month’s Kits SitP, actually. So technically my second.

    But I AM going to hug the brains right out of you, Ian.

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