Late Post and bit of advice

Today’s post will be late, but I have a suspicion that this will be the last time this happens for a while. As always, my apologies but real life is providing precious little writing time.

Some advice: in the same vein as a previous post, I want to remind people that it’s not okay to dress up as a First Nations person. While it might be a totally cute costume, it’s incredibly disrespectful to wear a feathered headdress and “war paint” to a bar, particularly if you’re going to forgo a shirt for simply a bra, get up on stage and sing a song about fucking guys in exchange for alcohol. This falls under the twin categories of “not okay to do” and “things I can’t believe I have to tell people.”

Anyway, regularly scheduled post to follow as soon as I find the time.


  1. Kate from Iowa says

    I have to join in on that “I can’t believe someone has to tell you this…”

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