I lied…

Today’s post will also be delayed.

When I say ‘delayed’, please rest assured that this is exactly what I mean. I fully intend to post a ‘Monday think piece’, this one about transforming races. Tuesday’s post (that should have gone up today) is about alt-med scams. They’re written in my head, I’ve just had difficulty finding time to sit down and write. I dislike missing posts, but sadly real life has not been so accommodating. They will go up as soon as I find an opportunity.

I hope that I have built up enough credibility in my regular readers (you guys are the reason I feel bad about missing posts) to earn me a bit of a pass, and enough trust that I will deliver on my promise of new content. For my new readers (thank you for coming), there’s lots of really good stuff in the archives that should keep you entertained for a while. Considering the number of things that could be happening in my life right now, I hope you will all take some solace in the fact that I am missing posts because I have been partying with my best friend of 15 years, rather than due to illness or loss of employment or something similarly calamitous.

By way of apology, please enjoy this sexy picture of me in a skin-tight wetsuit, indicating which way the beach is:

Depending on how good the resolution on your monitor is, you can judge for yourself whether or not I fit the stereotype about black guys and penis size.

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