Movie Friday: So… this happened

Yesterday I called out Alabama as being the most racist place in the United States. But after watching this video, I’m not sure anymore:

Watching this, part of me literally had a hard time processing and believing that it was real. First, because it’s of such poor quality, and second because this kind of over-the-top racism is pretty rare. But I guess people are feeling more safe in being openly hateful against minority groups – likely fueled by anti-Muslim and anti-gay sentiments becoming part of the mainstream discussion.

What also baffles me, aside from the fact that it wasn’t taken down as soon as it was discovered by media outlets, is the supportive comments it’s been getting:

I’d say this really does sum up Hahn. What is she afraid of, the truth? Not a voter, the system is not for the hard working man/women, its for the special interest and non-whites to bleed the whites. So republican or democrat, have no place for you. But would say this girl is the worse of the two evils. GREAT VIDEO. – MrWhitey88

I wish liberals would get this upset when real rap videos came out. Yeah yeah yeah, It’s racist if a conservative does a parody, but its somehow a noble reflection of their culture when rappers make them. Outrage Hypocrites. – Yereviltwin2

What a down to earth, common sense video. There is absolutely NOTHING offensive in this political ad… if you can tolerate/allow current rap music. Now, I can understand people completely against ANY form of ganster rap and demanding it ALL be banned. However, if not, this very reasonable ad would certainly be acceptable. Word. Freedom of speech is a two way street. Now… SWALLOW that biotch. LOL! – kyvenom

In case you were wondering: this is not parody. Parody would be making fun of rap videos, thus making the rappers themselves the object of fun. This is cruel and exploitative racism, designed to equate urban blacks with criminals. This is to say nothing of how sick it makes me to see the two ‘actors’ in the video dancing around like it’s a Minstrel show.

For the record, Hahn’s opponent has denied knowledge of this video and has denounced it publicly. That isn’t the point. This is intentionally stoking racial hatred to win the votes of racists. And, of course, the candidate is a conservative Republican.

So now I can cross off Los Angeles from places I would ever visit (which is too bad, because I had been looking forward to driving down along the coast). I guess my trip will stop in San Francisco – I can check out Stonewall!

Here’s a black and white otter managing, against all odds, to live in harmony with each otter (see what I did there?):

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  1. grassrute says

    “And, of course, the candidate is a conservative Republican” Where did you get that from? The video was made by “Turn Right USA.”
    I don’t know much about them, but by simply checking out their website, it’s rather obvious they don’t represent the Republicans. They claim to represent those “unrepresented by the political class of this Country”

    “Hahn’s opponent has denied knowledge of this video and has denounced it publicly” Precisely the point!

    I would agree there are individuals who support a particular party and use racist tactics:
    And, of course. the candidate is a lefty Democrat.

  2. says

    Her opponent in the election is a conservative Republican. TurnRight USA is indeed a non-partisan group, but there is no denying that it is conservative. The director of the video has a history of working with Republican candidates, so it’s not a huge stretch to infer that his sympathies lie with the GOP. Additionally, campaign finance law in the USA means that the donors don’t have to be disclosed, which is a decision tailor-made to benefit conservative political groups armed with corporate donations.

    I thought I was fair in pointing out that her opponent has come out against the video. Should I have done more?

  3. grassrute says

    No, I don’t think you should’ve done more…less rather. But, it’s your blog and you can do what you want.

    Yes, you pointed out that her opponent came out against the video, but followed it with the words “that’s not the point” and went further to mention that “of course the candidate is a conservative Republican.” Denouncing the video and not having created it still makes the opponent responsible? If I hate the Canucks, does that make me a Bruins fan? Are the Bruins responsible for every stupid thing I do or say?

    I find your statement that “her opponent in the election is a conservative Republican” profound. What else would the opponent of a Democrat be?

    Don’t assume from all this that I’m a diehard Republican supporter. I just don’t think they should be held responsible for the actions of an individual, or group of individuals that may vote Republican.

  4. says

    Ah, I see the confusion. No, her opponent is not responsible for the content of the video, but it is more than a simple coincidence that the unbelievable racism on display in that video comes from a conservative source, one that would support her conservative challenger for precisely the reason that he is a conservative. I don’t think the blame lies with him, but it is yet another example of overt racism allying itself with conservative ideology.

    What else would her opponent be?

    I dunno… a moderate Republican? A liberal Republican? A libertarian Republican?

    Your point is well taken that all Republicans are not on the hook for this particular video, and I’m sorry if I suggested otherwise. It is hard, however, to overlook the repeated pairings of the GOP and extreme levels of racism as mere happenstance coincidence.

  5. says

    “What else would the opponent of a Democrat be?”

    In a country with a well-functioning democracy? You’d have 10 or 12 other parties to choose from.

    In the US? I agree, about the only option is a Republican.

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