Tornadoes ravage the bible belt

Many of you may be aware that last night a series of storms tore apart the southern United States, killing more than 250 people:

The death toll from severe storms that roared across the U.S. South has risen to at least 250 across six states with Alabama and Mississippi each reporting increases in the number of deaths in their states. Alabama’s state emergency management agency said it had confirmed 162 deaths, while there were 33 in Mississippi, 33 in Tennessee, 13 in Georgia, eight in Virginia and one in Kentucky. “We expect that toll, unfortunately, to rise,” Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley told ABC’s Good Morning America. The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., said it received 137 tornado reports around the regions into Wednesday night.

I’m going to take a pass at commenting in this story, partially because CLS has already said everything I’d think to say:

But just as their deity is not punishing sinners he is not protecting saints either. Many God-fearing fundamentalist holier-than-thou Republican died this week. Many more had their homes and businesses destroyed. I take no joy in that. I just wish to say that their piety no more protected them than the “sin” of others made them targets. Natural disasters are just that, natural. They are not supernatural events no matter how much some people want to bestow spiritual meaning to these events.

Read the whole article – he really puts a decent touch on the whole thing.

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