Kim Jong Il is a Twit too!

Sure, as soon as I get Twitter, all of a sudden everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon:

Last Thursday, the North Koreans created a Twitter account – @uriminzok, a shortened version of a Korean word that translates as “our people”. It already has more than 4,500 followers.

Oh sure, North Korea gets 4500 followers, and I’ve only got 20. Fine, today I announce that I am starting a nuclear program. I will also be systematically oppressing myself and denying me basic food and medical care. I will refer to myself only as the Dear Leader, and will worship myself as a living deity. I’m also stepping up my aggression against Matt, the guy who lives in the apartment next to mine. An international investigation has revealed that I slashed his bike tires, which I am labeling as Matt-ist propaganda designed to cast aspersions at my good name.


There, that should take care of that…

Wait, they have a Facebook page too? FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU…

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    The upside of Kim Jong Il (and it’s not a big one): when trying to tutor ethics to Korean kids, Hitler/Nazi/Slave examples really don’t have any visceral impact.

    Swap in Kim Jong Il, and they pretty much get it right away. 😛

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