Origami: Ace and Arrow

Three models of "Ace and Arrow"

Ace and Arrow designed by me, based on “Valentine” by Robert Lang

It’s February, and in the US, the culturally dominant holiday for February is Valentine’s Day.  A lot of people don’t like it though, for various reasons that I am sympathetic to.  One February, I decided to take Robert Lang’s “Valentine” design, which is a heart with an arrow, and turn it into a spade.  I’m pretty happy with this design.  I made several of them.

… This is a mixed audience, so I guess I’ll explain it for those not “in” on it.  “Arrow” is slang for aro/aromantic, because, you know, puns.  Aces–and most popularly spades–are a bit of an ace/asexual symbol.  Also, black grey and green are aro colors.

Sorry, I don’t have instructions for this one.  Lang’s “Valentine” has 45 steps, and I added a few more, and it would take me a long time to diagram that.


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