Origami: Helica Kusudama

The Helica Kusudama is shaped like an icosahedron with a triangular pyramid on each face

Helica Kusudama, by Ekaterina Lukasheva, in its unbloomed form

I forgot how pretty this model is.  But it gets better.  The model “blooms” to have flowers.  More photos below the fold.

Bloomed Helica Kusudama

Bloomed Helica Kusudama, shown from other side.  One side is blue, this side is green.

A few notes about this model.  There are 30 units, corresponding to the 30 edges of an icosahedron.  I used Harmony paper, which is a kind of origami paper with color gradients.  One pole is blue, while the opposite pole is green, and I arranged the paper to make a smooth color transition.

If I recall, I made this as a Christmas gift for my mother.  I believe I made all the pieces, carried them in a tea tin, and assembled the model while at my parents’ house.

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