Any ace writers?

I almost forgot to mention, my other blog The Asexual Agenda, is currently looking for contributors. We’re a group blog targeted at asexual-spectrum readers.

If that interests you even a little, please consider applying! There are details here, and the deadline is next Monday, June 5th. We don’t get that many applicants, so your chances are fairly decent.


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    I clicked through to the site out of curiosity, thinking, is that the one I saw before? Nope. One of my ace homies was on a site that has ceased to exist. They lost their cool URL. Good luck with your crew. Apparently slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are lurking in the field.

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    packofaces, it was. I didn’t read much there as it was outside my sphere, but a few of my friends were there in some form. I forget if it was one article written about them / their project, or an article by one of them, or what. Been a while.

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    Yeah, that does sound familiar. That was a group blog for ace writers of speculative fiction I think? I’m not sure what happened to it. I didn’t read it personally because I’m not really a fan of speculative fiction. But I remember it included Lauren Jankowsky, who runs the (still active) asexual artists blog.

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