Welcome from a soup can

It’s said that labels are for soup cans. Never having known an aphorism to be false, I have concluded that I am a soup can.

Physicist – I am a grad student. I do experiments on superconductors. They pay me money. I can answer physics questions for free though.

Blogger – I started blogging in 2007 at Skeptic’s Play. In 2015, I moved to wordpress, changing the title to A Trivial Knot. And now I’ve moved to FTB. Independently from this, I run the group blog The Asexual Agenda, launched in 2012.

Ace – Here’s a brief primer! An asexual is someone who experiences little or no sexual attraction. A gray-A (aka grey-A, gray-ace, grey-sexual, graysexual, grey-asexual, grace) is somewhere between asexual and not. A demisexual might only experience sexual attraction to someone if they have a close emotional bond. “Ace” is often used as an umbrella, including asexuals, gray-aces and demisexuals. I’m gray-A.

Oddly, of the three labels I’ve presented so far, “ace” is the one that is derided as a phase and a lifestyle choice.

Gay – I feel ??? attraction towards men. I have a boyfriend. He is a robot–that’s why he has trouble with Captcha codes.

Male – Also incidentally I was assigned the male gender at birth, so that makes me cisgender. Pronouns are he/him.

Atheist – There are no gods and I don’t think gods even deserve to be a serious hypothesis. I come from a not-so-religious Catholic background.

Asian American – My dad is white. My mother is ethnically Chinese. She immigrated to the US from the Philippines. I was born in Korea. Guess which ethnicity I identify with most closely. We can figure it out together!

Social justice activist – I don’t know what I do that is actually helpful. Somewhere among the math and philosophy blogging, sometimes I write about social issues. Some people say they like it. Maybe you will like it too.

Housekeeping note:  I am traveling at the moment and won’t be able to approve comments very quickly.  I also might adjust around the design later, but for now you must pardon the dust.


  1. says

    There is a puzzle embedded in the banner, although I won’t say what it is (and spoilers will all be redacted). I did at one point make the knot in the banner.

  2. kestrel says

    Knots! I love knots! I tie them for a living… Happy to see this new blog and I look forward to more!

  3. says

    Hello Siggy! Welcome to Freethought Blogs!

    I am a Demon. I like labels very much, but I often have to practice relabeling to make sure that I don’t get too attached to how society uses them. Some are weapons and to be used with care, if they are even justifiably useful at all. My nature requires me to know those ones well so that I do not misuse them. Some of the most useful ones are the ones people apply to themselves, thank you for sharing yours.

  4. StevoR says

    Labels can be sticky or non-sticky, peel off quick or be misleading. Simple? Knot? But how fast does your ship travel and will your lead be eventually blocked by ice or lead to open ocean?

    Dunno. But nicely cryptic and fun so far. Looking forward to reading more.

    BTW. When will superconductors become mega-conductors or even uber conductors or (astronomy ref here*) Overwhelmingly Large Conductors do ya reckon?

    * See : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overwhelmingly_Large_Telescope

  5. says


    In condensed matter physics, we like “colossal” as in “colossal magnetoresistance”. Also “ultra”.

  6. sandi seattle says

    Give you a try, maybe you and the other new blood here will make FTB worth reading again.

  7. mynax says

    Late to this. Is there somewhere we can see the knot without the logo? Some crossings are covered.

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