Diversity supporters targeted for harassment, discrimination

A few days ago, I mentioned LambdaConf, a putatively inclusive software conference that accepted an open and aggressive racist as one of its speakers, on the grounds that reasonable people can disagree on whether racism is good or bad, and whether blacks make better slaves, and so on. In protest, a number of people signed the Statement on LambdaConf 2016, emphasizing their commitment to diversity and genuine inclusiveness. And now, that statement has been turned into a list of people to target for harassment.

A report on Inc.com states that over $20,000 has been raised via indiegogo.com in support of the white supremacist, and the blog that sponsored the fund drive is now listed as a Silver sponsor on the conferences web site. LambdaConf organizer John De Goes did not respond to Inc’s request for comment on the support he’s getting from white supremacists, but he did put out a tweet expressing his gratitude for the fund-raising campaign, saying it was going to “help” a lot of people.


  1. geoffarnold says

    Lambdaconf is doing a great job of ensuring that they will get no support from my company or from any open source projects which we sponsor in this (reactive microservices) area.

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