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Nov 23 2013

The Cat


I was not at home for a few days. She was alone. A girl came to give her food and water everyday, stayed with her for an hour or two. But it definitely did not make Minu the philosopher happy. Since I came back she made my body her bed, my face her pillow. She …

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Apr 02 2013

The Cat.


She is Minu, my adopted daughter. She is an extraordinary cat. I wrote books on her. A famous film maker is going to make a film about her life. Many articles were written about her philosophy. She had a solo TV show. It was about her football. She was an excellent football player a couple …

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Jun 14 2012

My atheist cat


She is Minu the philosopher. A 7-year-old cat. She was born in India. She does not believe in god. She laughs at humans when they practice religion. She gets angry with humans because they practice a cruel, disgusting, dehumanizing, unjust caste system. She believes in evolution. Minu used to believe that cats were first domesticated …

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