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Aug 31 2012

Our ancestors and we.

Early Fireside Chats

They’re our ancestors. Men, women and children had fireside dinner and chat 300,000 years ago. Women were not asked to sit in separate places. I do not think women were forced to eat less or leftovers. After 300,000 years, in the 21st century, women are secluded in many parts of the world only because they …

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Aug 30 2012

Our ‘sweet’ space!

What a sweet discovery! We humans found sugar molecules floating in the warm gas swaddling a young star called IRAS 16293-2422. Let’s give the young star a sweet name. Carbon (gray), oxygen (red), and hydrogen (white) or carbohydrate or glycoaldehyde or sugar molecules are seen in our sweet space. The young star is about 400 …

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Aug 28 2012

Secret blood

One day, as I returned from school and began taking my uniform off, I saw that my white salwar had turned red with blood. How? Had I cut myself? But how could I have done that? I wasn’t in pain or anything. So what was wrong with me? In a panic, I asked how I …

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Aug 28 2012

‘Curiosity heard Islamic call to prayer on Mars and became a Muslim!’

I would not be shocked if Muslims say Mars rover Curiosity heard azaan, the Islamic call to prayer, on Mars and became a Muslim. Some idiots have been busy to spread rumors that Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the moon became a Muslim since the early 80′s. Those idiots can easily make …

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Aug 27 2012

Why I am a Feminist – Ophelia Benson

I’m a feminist because the world I live in isn’t. I’m a feminist because I feel fully human, just as human as anyone else, including any male person, but the world is not arranged as if women were as human as men. The local portion of the world I live in is much better in …

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Aug 26 2012

Religion Divides (Warning: Graphic Images)


India was partitioned in 1947. The partition of India is one of the greatest tragedies in human history. More than a million people were killed. 12 million people were uprooted from their homeland and crossed the boundaries between India and Pakistan. But not all Muslims left their homeland India and not all Hindus left their …

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Aug 23 2012

‘Lost in translation’

I am not an academic scholar. I am just an ordinary writer from a poor country called Bangladesh. I studied medicine. Literature was not my subject in the universities. But I loved literature, and I was called a book worm when young. I started writing poetry when I was 12 years old. While studying in …

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Aug 20 2012

Islamic Inquisition

Pakistani Sunni fanatics kill people in the name of Allah. They kill Shiites, Ahmadiyyas, Christians, Hindus. They kill Sunnis who do not support Sunni fanaticism. They kill women because they are women. They are now going to kill an 11-year-old child who was born in a Christian family. She was accused of burning a few …

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Aug 19 2012

Bravo Femen!

I kind of like these Femen protesters. Brave, bold, dangerous, daredevil, reckless, risky. They have made Jesus fall. What are others doing? Why don’t they make some other Gods fall to the ground?

Aug 19 2012



Muhammad learned a lot from Jews, Christians and Pagans about their religions and and rituals. He migrated to Medina for security and travelled to Syria for business. During that time he got many opportunities to meet people who believed in monotheism. Except 72 virgins part, many parts of Islam, from Genesis to circumcision, were stolen …

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