100 years of sandwiches

The invention of the sandwich, of putting stuff between two slices of bread, is credited to the fourth Earl of Sandwich John Montagu (1718-1792) though this is one of those things where the claim of being the first has to be taken with a huge grain of salt since the idea of using some kind of bread as a wrapper for other foods dates back much farther. But for whatever reason, justified or not, his name is associated with it.
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Haste makes waste

Breakfast cereals are not for everyone. I myself rarely eat them, mainly because I find I get tired of it after a couple of days. Also, the cereal I eat when I do choose to do so is corn flakes that requires adding sugar and I am not a fan of eating sweet things in the morning. But what surprised me was this story that said that many younger people are turning away from cereal because it takes too much work.
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We are going to be denied some pearls of wisdom

As some readers may know, recently FreethoughtBlogs called for people who were interested in blogging for the site to apply. As a result we have a crop of interesting new people (see the sidebar) and Marcus Ranum’s Stderr is one such addition. But this week there was an interesting development. Someone sent in an application yesterday but less than ten hours later followed up with another email:
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From the sublime …

“Every religion in the world has denounced every other religion as a fraud. That proves to me that they all tell the truth – about others.” – Robert Green Ingersoll (Thanks to Randy P.)

… to the ridiculous.

“For the record, I do not think I am God. I believe in God. If God ever wanted an apartment in Trump Tower, I would immediately offer my best luxury suite at a very special price.” – Donald Trump, writing in Think Like a Billionaire.