Apr 04 2012

Buy more stuff.

If you’ve got any money left after your profligate spree in my store yesterday, you might want to look at the Egyptian Renaissance Alliance. Not a penny goes to me, but it does benefit Egyptian secularists — and they’ve got some nice stuff.


  1. 1

    +1 for Egyptians using “Papyrus” font….

  2. 2

    I read your Pharyngula blog using software called “NetNewsWire Lite” version 4.0.0 (6). This software works great for all the blogs I read and I don’t get pestered by ads, except for when I read your blog.

    With your blog it seems to use “Ads by Google” to display ads for strikingly inappropriate things, like “Earn a Bible Degree” “Study the Bible online. Earn a Degree today.” from “eLearners.com”.

    Needless to say, I don’t ever click on those ads but thought you might be interested in this phenomenon…

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